Author Updates, Introduction

Hi, I’m Jessica, and I love to write!

Since most of my readers aren’t as… eclectic as me, this blog will focus on my spy and detective thrillers.

I can’t remember NOT writing. Some of my earliest memories are of little paper “books” my mom made me to write stories in – before I could even write words.

My favorite stories to read AND write were mysteries. My favorite stories to read were mysteries like the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Sigmund Brouwer’s Accidental Detectives, and even Sherlock Holmes. It wasn’t long before I was trying to write my own mysteries.

My first “real” novel was a scifi mystery mashup I wrote when I was sixteen. My dad even helped me turn it into a book!

Out of high school, I took a creative writing course that ended with the beginnings of my first published novel, A Case of Mistaken Identity (Now called A Tragic Introduction).

Since then, I’ve been busy! My current published novels are:

  • The Scott McCully Espionage Adventures – Five Christian young adult spy thrillers
  • The Dare & JT Crime Dramas – Three (so far!) Christian crime thrillers for adults and older teens

I have so much more in the works, including MANY more adventures Scott and his friends, three more Dare & JT stories, and mystery starring three storm-chasing brothers.

That’s why I’m starting this blog, so friends and fans can keep up with my writing, get notifications up upcoming books, and read exclusive content.

So sign up for notifications and don’t miss out on any of my new and exciting stories!

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